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4 Ways to Increase Water Pressure

If you’ve ever stepped into a shower with low water pressure, you know that feeling of disappointment that comes along with it. What you were hoping would be a warm, rejuvenating rinse becomes a sad and hopeless stint under a dripping faucet, leaving you feeling worse than you did when you jumped in the shower in the first place.

Thankfully, there are some things you can do to help increase your water pressure, giving you the nice, steady stream you deserve.

Call the Water Department

If your drop in water pressure is sudden, then there’s probably a reason behind the change. The water department can run some tests to let you know how much the pressure has dropped, and may be able to offer some suggestions for improvement.

Call Your Plumber

Once you know you have a problem, a plumber will be able to help identify the cause of the issue. There are a number of different reasons your water pressure may drop, but the most common is pipe corrosion. A plumber can help you understand where the problems lie, and can make recommendations on what types of piping to use to help resolve the issues.

Install a Water Pressure Booster

If you’ve confirmed that your water pressure issue isn’t related to pipe corrosion and is instead related to where your house is in relation to the water supply (perhaps it’s on a hill), then you might be able to improve your water pressure with a water pressure booster pump.

Clean or Fix a Damaged Fixture

If it’s only one faucet or fixture showing reduced water pressure, your fix may be no more than a simple cleaning, repair or replacement of the fixture itself. By cleaning the buildup, you can then get the water flow back to normal again. Also, experimenting with different fixtures, such as new showerheads, can help maximize water pressure.

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