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Are You Prepared for Freezing Conditions?

A few years ago in Atlanta, we experienced the historic and somewhat catastrophic winter weather. Because of these record-breaking temperatures, pipes burst all over the Metro Atlanta area, and the city experienced tremendous water loss–almost 9 extra million gallons in January over three days. That is a lot of water wasted due to unpreparedness.

It is important to know how to reduce your chances of pipes bursting during severe winter weather. Here are a few facts, tips and guidance to help prevent any water or property damage this year.


Freezing Pipes 101: Did you know that more than 50 million families in the United States experience burst pipes in their homes? When water freezes, it expands and causes the pipe to burst. Which means that all pipes that are exposed to cold weather are susceptible to bursting and can cause major property damage.

How to Prepare for Cold Weather:

  1. Wrap all exposed outside pipes with insulating materials
  2. Remove any hoses from the outside faucets and insulate the faucets
  3. Locate the water shut-off valve in your home
  4. Keep your thermostat at the same temperature all day
  5. If you have a water supply line near an outside wall, you can allow a small drip through that fixture if extreme cold is predicted

Are you traveling this winter? Be sure to shut off the main water supply to your house and keep your heat on a lower temp so your house doesn’t reach freezing temps inside.

What if a pipe bursts?
If this unfortunate event happens to your home, it is very important to act fast to avoid any more damage. Here are some tips and a “Frozen Pipe Facts” infographic from Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) and State Farm Insurance to help if you’re ever in this situation.

  1. No matter the situation, the first step is to always shut down your home’s main water supply.
  2. After you’ve shut down the water, call a plumber for help with repairing or replacing the burst pipe.
  3. Take an inventory of damaged belongings and call your insurance company.

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Just remember that Zurn is here to service the Metro Atlanta area for any plumbing emergency. Stay warm and prepared this winter!

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