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Caring For Your Tank: Septic-Safe Tissue


If you are one of the approximately 26 million Americans who use an onsite wastewater treatment system such as a septic tank, you have to be extra careful about what flows into it. Products like antibacterial soap, harsh cleaning chemicals and, yes, certain types of toilet tissue are just a few of culprits that can lead to serious septic tank issues. This month, we’ll focus on toilet tissue.

Here are a few helpful tips:

Make Sure It’s Septic Safe – Options like Scott® Rapid-Dissolving Tissue don’t contain cotton or fibers that are unable to break down into effluent. Also, only use white toilet tissue. Toilet tissue with colors use chlorine dioxide and don’t break down as easily.

No Facial Tissue – Never dispose of facial tissue in your toilet. Facial tissue is not designed to decompose in a septic system. You may want to consider keeping facial tissue out of your bathroom, just in case guests and other family members are unaware of the potential issue flushing it can create.

Cheaper is Better – Unless your favorite brand of toilet papers clearly states that it dissolves fast, go with the cheap stuff or an environmentally safe paper. Pricier brands usually use chlorine dioxide as an additive, making it less than optimal for your septic tank.

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