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Don’t Let Rubber Washing Machine Hoses Leave You All Washed Up!


All washing machine hoses are not created equal. In fact, if you’re still using old rubber hoses, you’re taking an unnecessary risk that could lead to serious water damage. As rubber ages, it loses flexibility. And, with the kids back in school and sports season in full swing, your washing machine and its hoses will be working overtime. Why push your luck? If you’d like for us to inspect your hoses and replace with steel braided hoses, we’re only a call or click away.

Either way, here’s some helpful information on avoiding burst water hoses and costly repairs:

Install an Emergency Shutoff Kit – Emergency shutoff kits use a water sensor to detect leaks quickly. When the leak is detected, an alarm goes off, and the water supply valves close automatically. It’s an easy project and can usually be installed in about 10 minutes.

Install Steel Braided Hoses – As we mentioned before, we highly recommend replacing your rubber water hoses with stainless steel braided hoses. They are much less likely to burst, and they are quite affordable. If you decide to stick with rubber hoses, you should replace them at least every five years.

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