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Dry Weather. Thirsty Roots. That’s Bad News for Sewers


The connection may not be obvious at first, so let us explain: Roots grow more aggressively in the fall and winter months. Those roots are on a constant quest for water. The fact that Mother Nature has been stingy with the rainfall lately means that roots need to quench their thirst elsewhere, even in your main sewer lines.

If invading roots are starting to create a backup in your sewer lines, you’ll probably notice it first in the lower level of your home with water backing up in a shower or toilet. Sometimes it happens in the basement bath if it’s not on a pump system. So what should you do if this happens? Give us a call and stop using water and water-consuming appliances until we’ve had a chance to investigate the issue thoroughly. There are a variety of ways to open a line back up. One of the most advanced and least intrusive methods is sewer pipe relining.

A Few Advantages of Precision Pipe Lining:

Minimal Disruption and Destruction – Our proprietary technology can reline pipes beneath concrete without jackhammering large sections.

Guaranteed Quality – All Precision Pipe Lining materials come with a 50-year life expectancy and are installed by factory-trained technicians.

Repairs Most Pipes – Precision Pipe Lining is effective in repairing pipes made of cast iron, clay, PVC, and other commonly used materials.

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