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Energy Saved is Money Earned — Here’s 3 Tips to Optimize Your Water Heater


According to the U.S. Green Building Council, water heating accounts for up to 18% of your monthly electric bill. The good news is: making some small changes could result in a noticeable improvement in your water heating expenses. Below are 3 tips to simplify your usage and increase savings:


Maintain Your Tank

Simply draining a few gallons from your water heater’s tank* will remove sediment that builds up from typical usage. Small particles can be present in your home’s unfiltered water that, after building up, can slow down your unit’s ability to heat. This makes it work harder and therefore wear out sooner.

*Be sure to check the manual for specific draining instructions — you can also request service from our certified professionals.


Turn Down the Heat

Most water heaters are installed with the thermostat set to the default 140º F. Reset your target temperature to 120º F to decrease the energy wasted during standby mode while also reducing your overall consumption by more than $400 per year. 120º F is comfortable and efficient for the majority of your household’s needs and also slows mineral build up which helps extend the life of your unit.


Use Less Hot Water

The U.S. Department of Energy released the following chart to help estimate your home’s typical hot water usage.  Making the effort to switch to cold water for things like brushing your teeth, laundry that is lightly soiled, and rinsing dishes are easy ways to take a load off of your water heater — and your wallet, too!


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