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File This Under: “No Way!” — Man Makes a DIY Kayak from Plumbing Pipes


We take our plumbing services — and your plumbing issues — seriously. That’s why we’re continually updating equipment and procedures to make sure our customers get industry-leading service every time.

During that research we’ll occasionally find something so interesting and innovative that we have to share and this one in particular has been a hot topic in our break room. Currently, one man is trending in the outdoor and adventuring blogs with his DIY kayak made from simple PVC pipes and fittings.

Check out his video below:

We use these every day and, just have to say, we definitely did not think of that!

As cool as it is, we don’t recommend trying to DIY any plumbing in your own home. If you have a leak, clog, fixture installation, or other plumbing issue we’re happy to send a trained technician to help. Just use our online contact form to schedule an appointment today.