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Getting to The ‘Root’ of Your Sewer Problems and How to Avoid Them


Blockages. Broken pipes. When serious sewer issues happen, it’s possible that the root of your problem is, well, roots. Roots are on a constant quest for water, nutrients and oxygen. And if they ever detect a leak coming from your pipes, they’ll think they’ve hit the jackpot and quickly start to grow into the pipe. Naturally, this can inhibit flow and eventually cause a blockage. Repairing the damage can easily cost thousands of dollars.

A little precaution and prevention can help you avoid this smelly and expensive scenario. Here are a couple of tips:

Plant with Your Plumbing in Mind – Limit the number of plants you place near sewer lines. Larger trees should be placed far enough away that the roots cannot reach your pipes. If you do plant near sewer lines, use slow-growing trees with a small root ball.

Get an Inspection – If your drains clog frequently and emit gurgling noises, let one of our skilled plumbers inspect your drains and sewer lines. Once our inspection is complete, we’ll let you know what we found and offer some recommendations. We can also clean your lines by running a cable through the sewer pipe to remove clogs or tree roots and clean the inner walls.

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