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Leaky, Squeaky and “Hiss!” – Use These Cues to Detect Wasted Water in Your Home


Ever listened to a leaky faucet and thought “Oh, what’s one little drip?” As it turns out, every drip and drop is adding up to the 1 trillion gallons of fresh, clean water that’s wasted each year in homes throughout the U.S.

Don’t let wasted water keep you up at night! The noises from a leaky faucet, squeaky shower, hissing toilet, or gurgling garden hose are your first cues that your home could be more water-efficient. Your Zurn Plumbing technician is skilled at tracking down the sources of these sounds and taking care of them as quickly as possible.

As “Leak Week 2016” is winding down, we’re here to help you ramp up your knowledge about wasted water in and around your home. The EPA and its partnership program, Water Sense, created a quick infographic that highlights the impact of ignoring a faulty faucet.

At Zurn Plumbing we are proud to have a multitude of energy-efficient equipment partners that offer simple installs — like instant hot water boosters, tankless heaters, and low-flow toilets — that make it easy to manage your water usage.

Want to check up on your home’s wasted water potential? Need to fix a leak today? Request an appointment with our online contact form.