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Noisy Pipes and Powerful Flow: Is it Time to Have Your Water Pressure Checked?


If it sounds like you have a ghost living in your bathroom, it’s less likely there’s something paranormal going on, and more likely you’re dealing with the common problem of pressure that is too high for your fixtures.

Those who’ve lived in a home with very low water pressure undoubtedly appreciate having great water pressure. However, very high water pressure doesn’t necessarily mean the water pressure is ideal, as pressure that is too high can cause significant damage to your plumbing.

High pressure can cause leaks, pipe damage and water waste. In most cases, these costly issues are completely preventable.

Signs of high water pressure can include:

  • Multiple leaking faucets
  • Leaks that occur intermittently
  • Noisy toilets that run frequently
  •  Strange banging noises
  • Appliances that use water being damaged

A common cause of high water pressure is thermal expansion. When your water heater heats your water, it sometimes causes expansion of the entire plumbing system.  This causes an increase in pressure even when everything else is in order.  Investing in a thermal expansion tank is a great solution to this issue.

The easiest way to test your water pressure is with a gauge, which often sells for under $10. You simply screw the device into your hose bib, and it will tell you the pressure. For most residences, the proper recommended pressure is 40 – 65 psi.  A significantly higher pressure is cause for concern, and may need a regulator valve installed or another repair.

Is your water pressure too high? Turn to the Zurn team!  Our plumbers have years of experience tackling plumbing problems with great, customer focused service.  We offer an array of tools to test your pressure and ensure it’s right for your system.  Whether it’s investigating the cause, installing a regulator valve, or recommending the best thermal expansion tank, Zurn Plumbing finds the fix that is right for your home.

If you’re suffering under the pressure, contact Zurn using the contact form on our home page. We look forward to hearing from you.