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Strange Things Found in Toilets

We’ve seen all kinds of crazy plumbing situations here at Zurn, but some things are even too much for us. Recently, we read about Debbie LaMotte, a Pennsylvania woman who reportedly found a python in her toilet.

That got us to thinking… what other types of strange things have people found in their toilets? So, we did some digging to learn more about the weirdest things people have ever found in toilets… and some of them have left us totally flushed!

A Squirrel

Here’s a story that’s really nuts. One night when her dogs wouldn’t stop barking, a woman in Winnipeg was shocked to find a squirrel making himself at home in her toilet. Unsure what to do, she took a pair of BBQ tongs and picked up the intruder, then placed him in the bathtub to give him a bath.

A $70,000 Diamond Ring

A plumber in Arizona once used a jackhammer and an infrared camera to remove several pipes, all in order to retrieve a diamond ring valued at over $70,000. The woman to whom the ring belonged accidentally flushed it down the toilet at a local diner.


Alligators in the toilet are an urban legend as old as New York City. While there haven’t been any reports of alligators in the NYC sewer system in quite some time, there have been more recent reports of alligators in toilets in the South, such as a 9-foot alligator in St. Petersburg, Florida in June 2006 and a 600-pound alligator found in Houston, Texas in May 2006.

$87,000 Euros

French Civil Aviation authorities once found $87,000 Euros stashed in a toilet on an Air Algeria airline. We’ve heard of “flushing your money down the drain,” but we’ve never understood that phrase to be taken so literally.

If you encounter any of these items in your toilet, don’t try to handle them yourself! Call Zurn today, and we’ll help you make the most out of a crappy situation.