Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless Water Heaters – Never Run Out of Hot Water!

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Are you ready for an infinite supply of hot water for everything from showers to clothes and dish washing to cooking?  With a tankless water heater, you have an endless supply of hot water.  A tankless water heater also uses less energy.  By heating water on demand, it only heats the water you want to use at that time.  So you never run out of hot water and you don’t pay to heat water you won’t be using until next week, or even next month!
Which system is best for you?

Rinnai Tankless Water HeaterZurn Plumbing offers a wide variety of tankless solutions depending on your specific needs.   We exclusively use the Rinnai products for our clients.
A technician will come to your home and conduct an evaluation.  Based on the number of bathrooms, current water heater and gas meter location, the number of high flow shower fixtures, Jacuzzi tubs and if you have a basement or crawl space, then the size and placement of the unit can be determined.  Usually we do not recommend installing external units because we include battery backups so the unit will continue to function in the case of a power outage.  The unit is also better protected from weather and theft by being inside.

The average installation for a house with 2.5 bathrooms and a basement or crawl space costs from $2800.00 to $3200.00 for materials and labor for a R75LSI.  This does not include electric work, however, in most cases it’s not needed. 
We do warranty all our installations for 2 full years, and the heater has a longer warranty for all its components.

What you can expect if you have a tankless installed.

Usually, the gas line to the existing gas water heater is not big enough for a Water Heatertankless water heater.  Tankless heaters flash heat the water instead of heating it over time like a traditional water heater so their gas supply line needs to be larger. Also, the vent is sized differently for the capacity of the tankless.  It is a pipe within a pipe so it can draw air from the outside in one chamber and blow the exhaust out in the other chamber.  Normally the tankless is mounted on the inside of an outside wall so it can be vented right to the outside.  A typical installation only takes a day for a technician with the help of an apprentice.

Zurn Plumbing services & repairs your tankless…even if you didn’t buy it from us!

We do service and repair the Rinnai tankless units, regardless if we install them or not.  Tankless heaters will not deliver hot water any faster to the kitchen or bathroom, and sometimes it may take a little longer.  However, the savings will be within your gas bill.  There are some solutions to alleviate the wait for hot water to distant plumbing fixtures, and if you are interested in those types of technology then please contact us for more information. 

The four main reasons people purchase tankless heaters are:
1.    ENDLESS supply of hot water.
2.    Uses less energy since it doesn’t have to keep 40 or 50 gallons hot all the time.  Water is heated only when needed.
3.    Much longer life expectancy than a regular gas water heater (20 to 25 years)
4.    Lower risk of major flooding from a burst tank.

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