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Five Steps to Unclogging Your Drain

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A clogged drain can be a frustrating experience, and for those who aren’t well versed in the plumbing space, facing a clogged drain can be a daunting task. But fortunately, removing a clog from a drain is often much easier than one might expect. With just a little bit of plumbing smarts and some elbow grease, an average person can easily fix most minor clogs.

Here are the steps that the Zurn team recommends when people approach us about drain clogs.

Clogs can be caused by all kinds of things, including food build up and hardened grease in the kitchen to hair in the bathroom sink. One of the easiest and mess-free ways to unclog a sink drain involves using a sink plunger. Here’s how to do it:

Step One: Unscrew the stopper on the drain. Be sure to set the stopper someplace safe so you don’t find yourself without a stopper after you unclog the drain.

Step Two: Partially fill the sink with water.

Step Three: Work plunger up and down. The suction from the plumber should loosen the clog so that it can slide through the drain more easily. If your clogged drain is a double-bowl kitchen sink, you can stuff a rag in the other barrel to allow you to plunge the clogged one.

Step Four: If a sink plunger doesn’t help, it’s time to try to remove the clog using a plumbing snake (also called a cable auger). Insert the snake into the drain past the point of the clog. The snake works by hooking the clog and can be especially useful for clogs caused by hair. Wiggle the snake, and pull it out slowly to remove the clog.

Step Five: Sometimes a plumbing snake won’t be effective, either. In these cases we typically recommend using a drain cleaner. At Zurn, we prefer Bio-Clean, a natural drain cleaner that doesn’t simply burn through your pipes like a chemical drain cleaner. Following the directions on the drain cleaner of your choice, pour the drain cleaner and await the results.

If you’ve tried all these steps and are still unable to clear the clog, then it might be time to call Zurn. Our plumbers have decades of experience of servicing plumbing issues for both commercial and residential spaces, and we’re excited to meet you to help you keep your plumbing flowing. Reach out to us using our quick service contact form on our homepage at www.zurnplumbing.com to learn how we can help you.