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When to Can Your Can.


That old toilet has served you well. When it starts acting up, it could be time to relieve it from its duty, or at least consider a few maintenance repairs like installing a new handle, flapper or fill valve. If you’re going to be replacing your old toilet sometime soon, save the cost of the repairs and apply it toward the purchase of a new one.

Signs Your Throne Should Be Gone:

Wasting Water – If your toilet is not a low-flush toilet, the water savings alone could be enough reason to go ahead and replace it. A low-flush toilet uses less than two gallons of water per flush, which is less than half of some older models. Save money and the environment one flush at a time.

Constant Clogging – Some of the older low-flush toilets require more than one flush which defeats the purpose of having one. If you have to unclog things with a plunger often, consider getting one of the new low-flush toilets installed. They’ve come a long way.

It Looks Like Crap – Get it? Sure you do. Sometimes replacing your toilet is a great way to give your bathroom a new look. Whether it’s stains or normal wear and tear, nothing kills your bathroom’s décor like an eye sore of a toilet.

We appreciate you checking out our blog and hope that you found the information helpful. If you need a toilet installed or just need a few repairs done to your old one, please give us a shout.