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Spring Into Action with Plumbing Tips to Save You Money This Season


Spring is in the air! While it’s prime time to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather, it’s also prime time to give your plumbing a much-needed post winter checkup. Remember that the winter months can take a heavy toll on your pipes and fixtures, and because of that your plumbing may need a bit of spring cleaning.

From your favorite plumbers at Zurn, here are some tips to make sure your plumbing is operating efficiently and effectively, so you don’t have to spend money trying to fix it once its already too late.

Check for Leaky Faucets
Most of the time, leaky faucets are an easy fit and can save you significant money on your water bill over time.

Check for Hidden Toilet Leaks
That toilet leak could be costing you a fortune, and you may not even know it because toilet leaks are often hidden unless you know what to look for. A pro tip: Add a few drops of food coloring to your toilet tank, and if you see it in the bowl 30 minutes later, you probably have a leak. Fix the problem with a call to your plumber.

Make Sure Your Toilet is Flushing Properly
If you need to push down hard or jiggle the handle, you probably have some worn parts and may need to replace them.

Pour Water into Infrequently Used Drains
This will keep them functioning as intended. If they drain slowly, snake it.

Clean Drains, Gutter and Downspouts Around Your Home
And, be sure to maintain them on a regular basis. Rain paired with more active wildlife and pests than in the winter months means there are more things happening that could potentially cause issues with drainage.

Check Exposed Pipes For Signs of Leaks
Spotting a leak early can save you thousands of bucks in plumbing repairs.

If you try any of these simple plumbing tips and notice problems, you may need to call a plumber. Remember, spending a few bucks on a plumber early is a great way to ensure you’re not spending large sums of money later on costly repairs.


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