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Commercial Plumbing Services

Water Main Repair & Replacement

At Zurn Plumbing we understand that larger properties rely on a continuous supply of water for daily operations. That’s why we’ve equipped our technicians to service water mains of all sizes and train them to identify solutions on-site.

Water main failures aren’t a simple inconvenience — the situation can quickly escalate to unsanitary conditions if adequate water service is not quickly restored. Zurn Plumbing is prepared to meet this urgent need with prompt service and the best tools to get even the biggest jobs done.

Sewer & Drain Cleaning and Replacements

Sewer and drain cleaning is essential maintenance for any commercial property. To help protect your investment, the Zurn Plumbing family has made investments of our own to provide state-of-the-art sewer and drain equipment built to handle large jobs.

Every Zurn technician is equipped to clean or replace your sewer or drain system. In additiona, each truck carries three types of snakes, a camera and a locator to identify the source of blockage. We also have a trailer-mounted water jet machine to perform descaling, root-cutting, and heavy grease removal for extreme cases that cannot be solved with standard cleaning.

We are fully-staffed to immediately address major sewer emergencies to help ensure the health and safety of our clients and their customers. See below to learn more about a new service option for sewer repair – Precision Pipe Lining.

Precision Pipe Lining by Zurn Plumbing

We now offer a no-dig sewer repair choice that is ideal for commercial jobs where sewer drains have leaked beneath a building. Zurn technicians are now certified in the industry-leading Perma-Liner method which uses patented machinery to reinforce existing pipes with an epoxy-coated SCRIM liner. This new method also uses steam for a “cured in place” solution that both decreases the amount of time required onsite, and creates an impenetrable seal that prevents future leakage.

To request an consultation with a certified installer, please call us at 770-451-6765.

Multi-Unit Diagnostic

We specialize in servicing commercial and residential properties such as:

  • Small plazas
  • Townhomes
  • Condominiums

In addition to our extensive experience, we maintain equipment and small tools that assist in making the most accurate diagnoses. After our diagnosis, we work closely with property management to insure the repairs are performed with the least disruption to residents.

Backflow Prevention

Zurn is equipped to install and repair all county-mandated backflow prevention devices up to 10-inches in diameter. Once our work is complete, we then manage all testing required for compliance with public health and safety regulations.

Pump Systems

From the smallest de-watering sump pump to a sanitary grinder system, Zurn technicians can custom-fit a solution based on the requirements of your property.

Zurn’s Preferred Partner Brands:

  • Goulds Water Technology
  • Zoeller Pump Company

Zurn Plumbing specializes in servicing multi-family residences as well as smaller and mid-sized commercial properties. If you have a maintenance request or emergency issue, call us at 770-451-6765.